Sweet & simple country photography.


Jacob, Class of 2017

My brother graduates in the spring! My, has time flown. He is famous for not smiling in front of a camera, but this photographer has a few tricks up her sleeve.


Senior: Andrea

My first senior shoot of 2016! Congrats Andrea!

Steve Rogers: Samurai

My best friend, Carmin a.k.a. Steve, got a samurai sword. So she put on my kimono and absolutely killed this shoot. (Pun intended.)

“Come As You Are.”

Saw this concept on Pinterest and I decided to put my own spin on it. And thank you to my wonderful, ridiculously photogenic model, Dorothy.

Michala: Seniors Pt. 1

Took awesome rainy senior photos of this amazing and talented young woman! Can’t wait for her spring/summer violin shoot!

Catching Up

Hello Everyone! Many apologies about my lack of posting. This winter I had four jobs and multiple activities I was involved in. Now it is almost spring, and things are winding down a bit for me until summer comes around. Anyways, you are not here to read my ramblings! I will be posting highlights of my various shoots since I came home from Alaska. Enjoy, and try not to be overwhelmed haha!



Alaska, Part 2

2015-08-11 10.40.51 2015-08-11 11.20.18 2015-08-13 11.26.48 These are a few shots of my beautiful, temporary home. If you ever need a place to work on composing your landscapes, this is it.

The Last American Frontier

2015-08-04 06.15.37 2015-08-05 03.15.46 2015-08-05 03.16.00 2015-08-05 05.23.13 2015-08-05 05.24.49 2015-08-05 06.09.53 2015-08-05 13.53.37 2015-08-06 02.54.12 Most of these are in Homer, Alaska. I fell in love with that place. I will upload pictures from my village and my new home shortly.

Dance Friends Forever!

2015-07-28 07.10.18 2015-07-28 07.12.03 2015-07-28 07.18.30 2015-07-28 07.23.18-3 2015-07-28 07.13.33-2 2015-07-28 07.37.10-2 2015-07-28 07.44.56 Had a picnic and photo shoot with these two beauties before we head our separate ways to college, Alaska, and school. We had so many laughs in the best night of the summer.

My Family Photos

2015-07-27 08.37.30-12015-07-27 09.01.37-22015-07-27 09.09.122015-07-27 09.15.42-2 (2) Took my family’s photos on Frankfort beach, Lake Michigan before I left for Alaska. Had the most amazing golden light and great time with my family.